Company x Merchandise

Because the shirts don't sell themselves...

    Company X has made the lives of our clients just a little easier since 1994. Primarily servicing the merchandise development and tour vending needs of music and literary industry clientele we also offer our range of services to limited-engagement special events.

    It’s not just a souvenir or trinket
    that a fan buys on the way out of the venue— it’s a long-term marketing opportunity. Company X consults with you and puts a great deal of effort into designing and developing a product line and on-site display presentation that not only reflects current album and tour themes but also creates the lasting image that you are looking to portray.

    Successful live event vending
    is the other focus of our business. Too often, great effort goes into product design and manufacture only to have it sent to the road without a plan. Little to no thought has been given to how this product will be presented to your fans. The result? Shirts are taped to walls for display, other items are overlooked, and ultimately sales are lost which costs you money.

    Company X has the plan.
    Years of experience have culminated into a successful system of informative and concise product display, aggressive hall fee negotiation, a merchandising layout for each venue to maximize exposure, and inventory-projection procedures that limit over- or under-production.

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